Advanced Cladding Solutions Building Maintenance.

industrial roofing and cladding companiesACS provide full external building maintenance services for both new and refurbished industrial buildings. Our maintenance contracts ensure that your cladding stays clean and free from debris and looking its best. Maintenance also avoids the risk of water ingress into a building commonly caused by blocked gutters and roof debris.

Debris and dirt on roofs can cause damage and blocked gutters. Blocked gutters are a major contributor to water leaking into a building. It is also important to clean away the inevitable build up of dirt and debris, which occurs on all surfaces, elevations and cladding.

industrial roofing and cladding companies

Maintaining your cladding avoids damage and extends its life.

Maintanance also includes the repair or replacement of any damaged fixings, which may have become damaged or corroded. Corrosion of fixings can also cause unsightly stains and corrosion of the cladding, which could also result in water leaks. Incorrect fixings and caps can also be replaced to avoid cladding corrosion.

Finally, any peel back or edge corrosion of the cladding should be covered and sealed along with all exposed site cut edges. Adequate cut edge protection is particularly important in highly industrial and moist environments and also on low-pitched roofs. 

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